Yngrelisten – For a diverse and young Engineering Society


The main goal for Yngrelisten is that IDA can provide the services that our members need - throughout a long life as engineers.


We thus also need more people younger than 50 as decision makers in committees and the board of IDA. There should be an easier access to become active and work for what you are passionate about, without having to commit for long periods or board work.


For the last 12 years Yngrelisten has held the presidency of IDA and has helped to transform the association towards a more modern organisation. It remains Yngrelisten’s goal to be the most influential list in IDA so we can continue this work for the benefit of our members.


One of the characteristics of Yngrelisten is that we actively meet and discuss subjects to define our stand on different issues, because we think the members' diverse interests are best ensured in this way.

Yngrelisten has been the driving force behind the "Vision 2020" which has set the path for the development of IDA for several years, and has led to the initiative "Engineer the Future".


Some of Yngrelisten’s key focus areas for the next election period are:

  • Lowering the unemployment ratio amongst science and technology graduates.
  • More focus on the global labour market, both for outgoing and incoming members.
  • Ensuring career development, so IDA's members receive skill enhancement especially in the beginning of the career.

If you think that Danish Society of Engineers shall focus on the young members and that the elected officials shall represent the demography of our members more accurately, then vote for Yngrelisten.


Yngrelisten - we renew IDA

If you would like to now more, please contact us at info@yngrelisten.dk

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